Welcome to Virtual Park City

Join us in making Park City the 1st Virtual Town

How We Build

Virtual Reality


Showcase unique locations and customize with external media.  Virtual reality files are used for embedding on websites, social media channels, email campaigns and text marketing.  Other use cases are for construction documentation, e-learning and facilities management.

Reality Modeling


Integrate your blue prints and 2D plans into a reality model.  If you are are architect, engineer or designer, jump to the design process to build and learn in virtual reality.  Our Point Cloud to CAD model on average is within 3mm of accuracy.  Import directly into Autocad, Archicad and Revit.

Lasers & Photogrammetry


Accuracy is important to truly depict and make decisions in reality from anywhere in the world.  We use Spherical Lasers and Drones to collect and customize data specific to your business.  Share your culture and optimize design by creating and enhancing a digital twin of your brick and mortar business.